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Where in Knoxville is Above the Rest?

Oh what fun it is to ride in a brand new fully wrapped van and giving balloon designs away!

Okay, so I’m not a song writer, but that is a very true statement!  At the end of our first week of “Where’s Above the Rest,” four businesses have spotted and contacted us to let me know where and when they saw our new van.  That means we are in the process of delivering four F.R.E.E. holiday bouquets to them as

Beth Gladden, UT Special Events Office, spotted us on campus.

an award for being eagle eyes!  The first will go to the Special Events office at the University of Tennessee.  Beth Gladden from that office spotted us in Circle Park on Tuesday.  Wes Harmon from the UT Parent’s Alumni Office also spotted us at Circle Park and sent a text message letting me know he saw us.  So that office will also receive a holiday design.

Today, Martha Riordan, from Cumulus Broadcasting (aka WIVK, WOKI) spotted us at the

Good Eyes Martha Riordan!

Farragut Chamber’s a.m. networking outside of Coachman Clothiers.

We’ll be delivering a fun Christmas design to her office on Friday afternoon.


Then we were spotted again by Meredith of The Cup at Turkey Creek.

Above the Rest Balloons, Knoxville, TN

Here’s How You Can Win a F.REE $50

Balloon Design for Your Business

1.  Be an employee of a business/office that has 5 or more employees.

2.  When you see us around town, simply call the number on the van and let me know when & where you located our van.  Or send a photo via text or email message and give the same information along with your name, company name and location of your office. (Your photo will be posted on Facebook or my Blog along with your company name)  There is a QR code located on 3 sides of the van, which you can use to get our email address.

3.  Limit one delivery per business, f.ree delivery limited to Knoxville area.  Outside Knoxville, delivery charges will apply.

So as of this writing, we are 4 down, 21 more deliveries to be made!  Be on the look out and WIN!

Feel free to spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers  so they can be watching for the colorful

Above the Rest Balloon Van!

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4 thoughts on “Where in Knoxville is Above the Rest?”
  1. Amy Crawford says:

    Drive by your old stomping grounds so I can “spot” you through my window! We’re putting toys together for Mission of Hope tomorrow and would love to have an unexpected surprise visit!

    Great idea! I hope you have more business than you know what to do with in 2012!

    1. Dianna says:

      Thanks Amy–hope you spot me too–will be out bright and early and out most of day

    1. Dianna says:

      Glenneth thank YOU so very, very much for your kind words! I was bummed when I arrived that you weren’t there but glad you received the balloon design. FYI to straighten up the tree that got shifted in transport, just hold the column in one hand and pull the tree the opposite direction with the other and it will sit straight on top of the column. Can’t wait to meet you in person and hope to serve you again—maybe with a balloon flower!

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