Wedding Decor

Your wedding day should be a positive, low stress, memorable day! Our team of draping experts will create that for you by taking care of the decorating details for indoor or outdoor weddings.  By incorporating fabric draping, balloons, or lighting, you get a completely unique atmosphere.  No other bride’s wedding will look like yours because all of our décor is custom-made to fit your wishes and budget.

Whether you want all fabric or a touch, a room of balloon décor or just a touch, we’ll design and install “the” look for you. Best of all–no one in your wedding party will lift a finger, making your day far more relaxing.  Imagine the joy of walking into your ceremony or reception and seeing how the venue has been transformed magically!

Do you want romance and fun at your reception? Have a large room that needs pizzazz? We can create one-of-a kind entrance arches, columns, dance floor canopies, and illuminated tablescapes all designed for you.  Just ask, you may be quite surprised what we can make for you!