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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your service area?

Knoxville DecorationsWe are proud to serve all of Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee, and also surrounding counties. We often travel to Oak Ridge, Clinton, Sevierville, Lenoir City, Loudon, Alcoa, and Maryville.

However, we’ve decorated in Nashville and out of state. If you want our services, we are honored and happy to travel to serve you at your destination. Travel expense fees apply.

What time do you deliver?

Event decor deliveries vary according to the time of the event. We start when you need an event set and stay until we complete setting the decor. For early a.m. sets or striking (breakdown) there is an extra service charge, which varies according to time of event.

Typically, for 7 a.m. early events, the minimum is $750 for decor.

Outdoor events that require set up before 6 a.m. are possible, ($1,000 minimum)

Arrangement deliveries normally take place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

What is your minimum fee?

Minimum for a pick up design is $30 (arrangements for pick up do need to be made with us in advance)

For a unique deliverable design/bouquet, it is $49.95, delivery service fees also apply.

All event decor (except weddings) minimum is $295 (except for early a.m. events–see above information)

Wedding decor minimum is $450.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, check and credit cards, (preferring cash and check) There is a 3% processing fee for credit card use. We do not accept first or last born children—have our own to love thanks.

What can you make out of balloons and fabric?

We can create almost anything using balloons from classic columns and arches to flowers, to large-scale sculptures, murals/walls, and logos. We can even make balloon dresses—now that’s a unique item for sure. With fabric, it’s easy for us to create canopies, drapes and swags. Just ask, you’ll probably be surprised what we can create for you.

Do you do lighting?

Absolutely! When lighting is added to balloon décor, it’s amazing the look you get, almost impossible to describe. We hope you let us add some sparkle and twinkle to your event with our special illumination techniques.

How do I reach you if you don’t answer when I call?

Just leave a message, text, (865) 719-8110 or send an email. The nature of our business often has our hands tying balloons, or us up on a ladder so we can’t always get to the phone. We’ll call you back as quickly as possible.

For messages, please leave your name, number and as many details as possible about your upcoming special event.

There isn’t a price list, how much are your designs?

Every event has its own special needs based upon your venue and type of event. We work with you to create the biggest “bang” possible within your budget. Budgets come in all sizes generally from $49.95 for a delivery designs up to several thousand dollars for large-scale events.

Knoxville DecorationsWhen you call, we’ll ask you several questions to better determine what will work best for your event and budget. If it’s a delivery, we can give you a price when you call.

If it’s an event, we normally provide a complimentary consultation at your venue to get a picture of what you want. Then we create drawings and send you pricing with the drawings or meet with you again to go over the designs.

We do ask for a design deposit of $250 for wedding/private party décor that is credited toward your event after you place your order. The deposit allows for one wedding design and one revision. There is a separate design fee for a major revision to bridal decor after the first. The design deposit is non-refundable.

Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery fees start at $10 within a 5-mile radius of our workshop and then vary according to the distance we need to travel and the amount of items to be delivered. Minimum delivery fee to Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Morristown is $130.

How much notice do you need before an event?

Truthfully, it all depends upon the time of year. Are you calling in one of our “seasons” like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s, Prom, Football Season, etc.?” If so, we need more time than normal to consult, design and create. We suggest at least a month during those times, but the more notice we have, the better.

Typically, we are able to create events within a two-week period, depending on the event’s size. Smaller events or deliveries we can prepare much quicker, and are experts at serving you with your “Balloon Emergency.”

How long do balloons last?

Longevity of balloons is dependent upon location and climate. Cool, inside décor can easily last 1 week if not handled a lot. Outside, latex décor will normally only last one day.

Knoxville DecorFoil balloons will far outlast latex balloons, up to 2 weeks. Plastic balloons can last well over a month. We’ve actually had clients call to say they still have had their balloons after 6 weeks! We’ve even had one client have a pig sculpture we made last for 2 1/2 years! That’s crazy!

We always create décor as close to your event as possible giving it its optimum appearance. If you need décor to last several days and have asked us to use helium treatment, we add a special ingredient to extend the life by several days or weeks. We use many techniques that let us make your balloons last a long time to give you a quality experience.

What about “no balloon” venues?

The Knoxville Convention Center, Knoxville Museum of Art, and The Foundry do have a charge for balloons that float to the ceiling. However, if you want balloons at those venues, Above the Rest is permitted to use helium because we guarantee our balloons will not go to the ceiling or we will get them down. 95% of our decor is done in air and on framework so it’s really not an issue and those venues regularly refer their clients to us so we can do the decor.

Will you donate to….?

We are happy to donate to schools and nonprofit organizations and receive a donation request at least 2-3 times per week. Thus, our staff chooses at least five organizations they wish to support through donations on an annual basis. We always include Buddy’s Race Against Cancer (and are a sponsor of this race), Honor Air and the 4K Race. If you are seeking a donation, feel free to call and we’ll see what we can do. A 3-week advance notice is requested please.