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Where in Knoxville is Above the Rest?

Oh what fun it is to ride in a brand new fully wrapped van and giving balloon designs away! Okay, so I’m not a song writer, but that is a very true statement!  At the end of our first week of “Where’s Above the Rest,” four businesses have spotted and contacted us to let me […]

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Cargo Van becomes a Balloon Art Van

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may have seen this photo last week and a note about a special announcement: We all know that a photo is worth a thousand words, so instead of a thousand words, here’s a photo below (then read on for the announcement) Here it’s a plain white cargo van.  […]

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Santa Greeted with Balloon Workshop, Knoxville

Above the Rest Welcome for Santa! Santa made his annual arrival at West Town Mall to the delight of about 300 youngsters. His grand entrance was brightened with Santa’s Workshop arch and spire and a busy elf wrapping up new toys.  We LOVE creating the decor for this annual event because we get to design […]

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Balloon Therapy

Last weekend, Dianna and I had a chance to be guest speakers at a women’s rehabilitation center. So what does that have to do with balloons, right? Well, we taught them “twisting” of course. A full hour of healthy fun and entertainment with balloons for a group of women who may have been expecting a […]

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