Tis the Season to Celebrate

Santa Came to Pinnacle Shopping Center  to Help Mission of HopeOne area tradition that kicks off the Christmas season, is held at Pinnacle Shopping Center in Turkey Creek. This special event kicks off the Mission of Hope’s (MOH) “blue barrel” drive in which citizens drop off toys that volunteers deliver to children who live in the poverty stricken areas of Appalachia. They furnish toys, clothing, toiletries, and hope to the struggling families in this area. We were blessed to create the entrance arch for Santa’s Workshop area. The latest in foil balloons, the whimsical elf, made their debut in Knoxville at this event.



Festive Elf Centerpiece Makes People Smile

We are loving creating designs with this precious Christmas Elf, whether it’s an arch, a centerpiece or put him in a ceiling design. There is still time for us to decorate any upcoming holiday party you may be planning. Give me a call at (865) 719-8110 or email me at dianna@abovetheresteventdesigns.com to see how we can add fun and warmth to your next celebration.

Did You Know?

Today, I read that there is a well-known chef in the U.S. who has created an edible “balloon” dessert. Yep, that’s right an edible balloon.
What it really is is a concoction of green apple taffy that he then fills with helium. Sounds fun, right?


While this chef may be quite genius at creating the dessert idea, what he fails to understand is there is a big DANGER in inhaling helium! In fact, inhaling helium can and has killed people. I hate to be a killjoy, but these are the facts;

Helium constricts breathing passages and some people are also allergic, which can kill them. And NO, it doesn’t have to be a large amount of helium, it can be a small amount that someone inhales. This is no laughing matter–even if it does make your voice sound funny.

Be sure to stay safe! NEVER inhale helium or allow your children to do so.