Celebrating a Life of Dedication with Balloon Decor

To celebrate a life of dedication to ORNL Federal Credit Union, a retirement dinner and

Elegant Lit Balloons

Glowing Bubble Vases Lit the Room

reception was held at The Foundry.  It was our honor to provide the decor.  Our client wanted fun but elegance with a masculine flair.

The Foundry itself is a beautiful venue so not much was needed for this event to enhance it other than stage decor and centerpieces.

The centerpieces consisted of 3 glass containers varying in height and shape, some round, some square.   For the tallest piece we created glowing bubbles by placing lit balloons inside the vase.  When the lights were down, the entire vase cast a turquoise glow.  The middle vase was filled with gel, covered with a bit of ribbon and ting added.  Then we lit the vase.  Finally, the shortest was a square vase filled with black topped with glittery turquoise embellishments, all placed on black satin.  Glittery turquoise snowflakes completed the tablescape.

Even though they wanted a more elegant look for the room, for the stage they wanted a touch

String of Pearl Arch Centers Elton Stand Up

String of Pearl Arch

of frivolity.    The guest of honor at one point in his career had dressed as Elton John–that came back to haunt him right in center stage (and on the gift table)

My client made the special request of a Balloon Buddy of “Elton Larry” so the honoree could be duly embarrassed and honored.  So on the gift table we placed a 20″ sculpture of Elton Larry complete with the hot pink boa.

The event was successful and many compliments were given on the atmosphere we had created.

If there is a dedicated person at your place of employment who is about to retire, we can

Balloon Buddy

"Elton Larry"

create a respectful, yet fun or elegant atmosphere for your celebration.

No matter how you want to celebrate–Employee of Month, Promotions, Moving, Fantastic Sales, and more, let us take the stress of planning the event decor off your hand. Visit our website at www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com or call at (865) 719-8110 and we’ll be delighted to serve you.