Balloons = Joy

Sometimes, I learn lessons in the least expected ways.  Often, they come from my awesome clients.

You see, one of the joys of repeat clients is that they often become friends, and we end up in interesting conversations.

red, black, yellow monster truck birthday balloonsRecently, one such client came by to pick up a birthday design for his neighbor’s son who was turning 5.

For both of us, it’s been a long 9 months and we haven’t seen each other as often as normal–y’all know why–just say March 2020. Enough said.

We had a lot of catching up to do, especially regarding talking about business.  He owns a local Knoxville business which has been deeply hurt by the events of 2020, as his business depends on special events like mine does.  We shared the multiple ways we’ve both pivoted our businesses in order to keep them alive and people employed.

He shifted his business to begin sewing masks.  Their count is now over 400,000!

pink, turquoise foil balloon heart for get well
For me, it has been focusing on creating designs to help people celebrate life events like birthdays, babies, graduations, retirements, anniversaries and more. This is  something I had never done before, and it’s been a true joy. (that’s another blog).

We continued talking as I was finishing his design.  Our conversation shifted, and I got to teach him about the real power of balloons.

Say what?  Balloons have power?

Indeed they do!  Think about it. When people see balloons, what do they do?

Most smile. 🙂

Some laugh out loud.

Others squeal with delight.

Some clap their hands together.

Often, hugs abound!

Indeed,   Balloons have power!  The power to bring moments of joy.

I was sharing that earlier in the week I had created and delivered balloons to the Celebration of Life of the son of another of my favorite clients, who was a mutual friend.

The church was filled with beautiful flowers. Lots of them.

Standing alone amongst them was a 7′ column of balloons depicting many of the things he loved–fishing, football, UT, a hamburger, Jesus, and his family.

Personal.  Full of love.

Those balloons represented HAPPY memories and celebration.

I said, “Those balloons made people smile. Balloons have the power to make people smile.” I told him that a woman who was at the service shared with me how much the balloons I had made for her grandson, who passed at age 2, meant to her and still do–10 years afterwards.

He paused, and replied, “I’ve never thought about it like that.  You are right.  Balloons represent happy.  Flowers, though, can represent sad.  I’ve never thought of that.  You make me think I should  put balloons up in the workshop just to make my staff feel good in the middle of this mess.”

“Well, of course, we can do that–and you will see.  It will improve the atmosphere, just by them being there.”

My lesson of the day?  I often forget that most people don’t think about how powerful balloons are to shift a person’s energy towards positive or how they have the power to create smiles and laughter.

I realized I should share that lesson with many.

And guess what?

I just did.

If you’ve read this far, maybe, just maybe you will pause and think of sending balloons for any celebrations you have.  Maybe, you will look at balloons differently and see how they indeed possess much power–The power of bringing joy.

Maybe you will see how extra creative we’ve become over the past 9 months in designing for personal celebrations, like our new Pop-It line–oversized balloons that are stuffed with fun things for you to give and our Elf Delivery Globes.

As for me, I’m grateful for my aha lesson and grateful that I have the privilege of creating balloon designs that have the power to make you smile.


Dianna Glandon, President, CBA

Above the Rest Balloons & Event Designs.