Balloon Therapy

Last weekend, Dianna and I had a chance to be guest speakers at a women’s rehabilitation center. So what does that have to do with balloons, right? Well, we taught them “twisting” of course. A full hour of healthy fun and entertainment with balloons for a group of women who may have been expecting a normal guest speaker who stands up and just talks. Oh no, we were able to give them a healthy dose of laughter and a touch of accomplishment when we were finished.

With it being Christmas season, what better theme than to create a balloon Christmas tree full of their very own creations to fit the holiday season. The ladies did an awesome job learning some basic twisting techniques and created very cute gingerbread men and pretty snowflakes. They were so determined and interested in completing the task before them that it was just delightful to be there helping. At the end of our time, we left them with their balloon “ornaments” attached to their Christmas tree. They were both excited and full of a sense of accomplishment.

Teaching twisting to the group of women was a great experience. Not only did it boost my confidence as a balloon artist, but I was able to touch someone in a personal and healing way. I am so glad we get to do it again in the near future.

Dianna’s Thoughts:

If you know me very well, you know that I used to love to teach, but when I get to teach with balloons, that is definitely something I especially enjoy. When I get to add to that the opportunity to listen to someone who is hurting and get to provide them with words of encouragement or a simple hug, now that is amazing. That’s how this latest speaking engagement was for me, amazing. I loved getting to use the art medium I love to be able to touch someone’s heart.

There was one lady who needed extra help to successfully finish her snowflake. In the time I helped her twist the snowflake, she shared with me that that her husband of several years had just died, that her grief was strong, how she found help to get well, about some physical problems and that she would soon be leaving to go home alcohol free. As she spoke, tears welled up in her eyes, we hugged. She continued and a smile spread across her face, we hugged. What a blessing that something as simple as a balloon twisting class could touch a heart. I thank the good Lord for providing me with such a blessing.