Santa Greeted with Balloon Workshop, Knoxville

Above the Rest Welcome for Santa!

Santa's ArrivalSanta made his annual arrival at West Town Mall to the delight of about 300 youngsters. His grand entrance was brightened with Santa’s Workshop arch and spire and a busy elf wrapping up new toys.  We LOVE creating the decor for this annual event because we get to design newdecor every year.  This year was exceptionally fun for us because we got to incorporate a brand new advanced technique the we learned at the West Coast Balloon Convention earlier this year.

The tall spire to the left of the arch has two large red and green 3′ balloons at the base.  Note that there are several other balloons twisting up the pole.  So, how in the world did we stack all those balloons?

Above the Rest Balloons, Knoxville, TN, Sculpture

Santa's Workshop Spire

Actually, there is a 10′ pole running up through the entire spire.  The trick was the “magic” technique we learned this summer. It was cool to do and learning that has opened a world of ideas for us for future events.

To the right of Santa’s workshop entrance, one of his elves was busily

Above the Rest Balloons, Knoxville, TN, Sculpture

Santa's Elf Preparing Presents

working to wrap up some newly made presents.  After Santa’s arrival, the elf went inside the mall to continue his hard work decorating the outside of Godiva chocolate store.

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