If a Pig Can Fly, How Long Can a Balloon Pig Last?

I just have to share this one as it just astounds me! On April 24, 2009, it was my pleasure to decorate the stage decor for the Farragut Chamber’s Annual Silent Auction Dinner with a fun, whimsical farm theme. There was giant sweet corn growing, being tended to by Farmer Brown and his friendly cows and pigs, some of which could fly.

Now that's Some Corn!

With an Oink, Oink Here

At the end of this fun evening, Tim Williams of Matlock Tire, asked for one of the pigs, which I of course, gave him. Well, Tim not only took the balloon pig home, he dedicated himself to taking proper care of his new precious balloon pig, providing him with adequate lack of heat and direct sunlight. Tim was apparently the perfect caretaker for this pig because for the past year and a half, Tim has often reported that his pig was still in great shape.

Of course, I didn’t believe him, because after all, I have never imagined that one of my balloon designs, especially in latex, would ever last longer than a few weeks, and definitely not a year and a half. Tim kept saying he would send me a picture of the pig, reporting that overall he looked really good with just a bit if shriveling on the ears and snout. “Sure, sure,” I’d always say. “You’ll never send me a picture.” Well, Tim took the challenge last week and proved me wrong, big time! Not only did he send me photos of the pig, he did an entire photo shoot of his 1 1/2 year old balloon pig. Here a just a few of the fun photos he took.

The first photo iTim took is of the pig “flying” a year and a half after being made. Pretty good looking for that old of a balloon sculpture if you ask me. And you have to love the second photo Tim took by the light of the full moon, a close up of Mr. Pig, with his slightly shriveled snout. Other than that a pretty darn good look 1 1/2 year old balloon pig–AMAZING! That is definitely the longest one of my designs has lasted. Just goes to show that not only can pigs fly when balloons are involved, but our designs can also last an amazingly long time! Plus, it shows that Tim is a fantastic caretaker of balloon pigs! Incredible but true, guess that’s why our designs are just simply Above the Rest!

Not only do pigs fly, they last a long time!

By the Light of the Harvest Moon a 1 1/2 Year Old Balloon Pig