FLOATing with Amazing Balloon Decor at Convention

What a great week we had last week when we attended the 3rd FLOAT convention in Ohio! We learned a ton of new stuff from design, to speed tips, to framing, to marketing and tons more! Plus we got so see many of our balloon artist friends from around the world and meet new ones as well! There were artists from 8 countries and from all other the US. Man, it was great to see everyone and get invigorated and inspired.

Fun Champagne Bottles and Glasses for New Year's Parties

Rachel and I were so excited about a new technique we learned that we used it today to create a gingerbread house for Santa’s arrival at West Town–I’ll post photos of it in a bit. There are many other things we are excited to incorporate in our designs and to share with our wonderful clients. We got to see first hand the latest balloon designs that are coming out for Christmas and New Years. Here are photos of just 2–we love them!

New Skating Penguins, Perfect for Christmas

We got to lead and work with other balloon artists to create the Designers Award Gala decor, which was enormous fun and a lot of work. Approximately 55 artists worked for 6 hours each or 330 man hours to bring a Carnavale theme atmosphere alive for our banquet. Here is a short scrapbook of the progress and final look. Enjoy.

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