Cargo Van Becomes a Balloon Art Van

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Last week, you sawphoto of a plain white van with a clue that a special announcement was coming.
Above the Rest Balloons, Knoxville, Tennessee

Plain White Cargo Van

We all know that a photo is worth a thousand words, so instead of a thousand words, here’s a photo below (then read on for the announcement)
Here it’s a plain white cargo van.  NOW…
It’s a Piece of Art! I LOVE IT!
Now it’s Colorful & Exciting!
Thank You Amazing Designer Melissa Parker!
Thank you Travis at Power T Graphix for Wrapping the Van!

Melissa and Travis you are both high quality artists and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for working so diligently with me to create this mobile art!  I appreciate you both!

Read on for a fun Special Announcement!

Do You Remember Where’s Waldo?  An Above the Rest Contest

In case you don’t remember Where’s Waldo, it was a book in which there are numerous illustrations. In each illustration is one of “Waldo” and your job was to find him. It was a search book.
Well, now you get to play again, but this time it’s “Where’s Above the Rest?” and WIN!The Contest:
Be among the first 25 businesses who spot our new amazing van and call or text (865) 719-8110 or email  to let us know where and when they saw it and we will deliver a festive balloon design valued at $50 to your office as a thank you.

The Rules:

1. You must be employed by a business that has 5 employees or more.
2.  When you call, text, or email, you must provide your full name, name of company, contact information, WHERE & WHEN you saw the van.  If you text, take a photo of the van and send it to us–we’ll post it online–how fun is that!
3.  Deliveries will be made within 15 miles of our office at no charge.  Outside that, a delivery charge will be added to cover fuel expenses.
4.  Your business may win ONE time only please–but feel free to spread the word to businesses near you.

The contest begins NOW! It will last until we get 25 businesses to Find Above the Rest.We will regularly make postings to show you where we’ve been and some hints as to where you can spot us.  Look for them on our Facebook page (Above the Rest Balloon)

Here we were at Karns High School! First time behind the wheel!

Today’s hint in the search for “Where’s Above the Rest?”

We’re heading WAY west early this morning—all the way to Murfreesboro.  It will take lots of gas and right now we have an empty tank.  I hear Kroger has it at a good price.

Friday’s Hint:
I hear floats for the Christmas Parade are being prepped somewhere downtown today, like close to where the Ice Bears play. Hmmmm…..