What? Organic Balloons?

Organic style balloon bracelets to adorn columns at a birthday party Psst…Here’s a Secret!

Latex balloons are Organic! Now the secret is out!

Well, to me it’s not really a secret. I’ve known for 10 years that the balloons I use in my company are a 100% naturally organic substance created from rubber trees. I also have known that they decompose at the same rate as a maple leaf.

Oh, wait! That’s not really the secret!

The secret is that when our clients request us to create “organic” designs for them (which is a current fad), there is really a tremendous amount of planning, design, and work that goes into creating the organic look. “Organic” means a design with a continuous or natural flow–like what is seen in the plant world.

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Balloon Bracelets adorn Columns

Birthday Balloon Bracelets

In the photo left, these “free-form” Balloon Bracelets were created for a 60th birthday bash at Cherokee Country Club. These actually took hours of design work. We worked with the planner to get the exact colors she desired to match her linens and flowers because the colors you see are not standard colors for purchase. We created them by using a special technique called double stuffing. This took a lot of trial and error to find the perfect match, plus it made inflating much slower and harder. To create the perfect sized bracelets, I had to calculate the number of odd-sized balloons and the combinations needed so they looked organic yet harmonious. It took my team quite a while to complete each strand and do the installation.


Above the Rest Tree House
The fun of an organic style treehouse

The tree house on the right also has the organic look which took many, many balloons and a lot of expertise to

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Organic Styled Balloon Tree 

create the natural look of a giant tree cascading    down over the tree house.

But, oh, what fun it was to create the tree! I can only imagine how excited the kids were when they arrived at Riverside Baptist for this year’s Vacation Bible School!

Create an intimate space with giant ceiling balloons                                                                Organic yet planned 3′ ceiling decor

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3′ Organic Style Ceiling Balloons for High Ceilings



Talk about planned! To create this massive “organic” ceiling treatment at the Knoxville Convention Center, you should see the pages of diagrams with multiple numbers crunched on them we used to make these giant balloons look random, natural. or “organic!” The project took hours of planning time, many years of experience in designing, and an awesome crew who was trained to understand the plans. The installation itself was a long full day of teamwork and patience on everyone’s part to create this spectacular effect.

You can see by these few examples that “Organic” doesn’t mean quick and easy. Rather, the organic look is more complex to create than regular decor; but it sure is such fun and delightful when people get to see it.

As you are planning your next special event, remember at Above the Rest, we can create far more designs and effects than you can imagine–classic, whimsical, elegant, and yep, even “Organic.” Just give me a call and ask how we can make you and your event be an exciting visual experience!
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