Back to School Excitement

Going back in my memory from my teaching days in Knoxville, I know that Monday, August 8, was a day filled with excitement and stress for parents, children, bus drivers, principals, and yes, teachers!  I remember the excitement of that first “Back to School” day–getting to meet the smiling new faces and introducing myself to the children and many parents.  Then, there was the stress of that first day–Will I get there on time? Am I prepared?  Will I remember the kids’ names?  Will the kids (and parents) like me?–yes, even teachers think about that.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I had those first-day jitters, but yesterday morning I thought of them as I went to WVMS (my former school) to create  a “WELCOME” arch for the students.  I had a different excitement, though,  for I knew that the arch at the front entrance would set a positive tone on that important first day of school–Plus, I’m sure it made for great photos to the chagrin of those “grown up” middle school kids as parents preserved a childhood memory.

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A happy WELCOME for West Valley Students

Upon arrival in the quiet of the morning setting to work, my thoughts wandered  to my granddaughter who was entering 2nd grade at a new school.

           Was she excited?  Scared?  How would she like the new school?

           What new friends would she make?  Would she like her teacher?

I also thought about her teacher who was also new to the school.

What was she excited?  Scared?  How would she like the new school?

Would she be a positive impact on my granddaughter & other kids?

I hope they were both excited and have a great year together!

Then my thoughts went back to my task at hand– helping welcome students, parents, teachers, support staff and to put a smile on their faces.  That’s one of the joys of what I now do–I get to make people feel good and give them opportunities to smile in so many different ways!  A different kind of excitement for sure!  Grateful for this chapter in my life!

In addition to welcoming West Valley students, over at A.L. Lotts Elementary, kids and parents entering the school had been taking photos and posting them since last Friday. For their “Open School” event we created a fun arch  that matched the PTA’s theme, “Making Lotts of Future Stars.”  You can see by the photo of the Lotts’ new assistant principals, Amber Greene and Binta McClendon, that they are very excited to be starting school and welcoming students.  I love that we got to add to the excitement of back to school time this year and hope to add more throughtou the year at several area schools!

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Ready for Lotts of Future Stars!

Sure is hard to believe Back to School time is here already though!  Who let that happen so quickly?

          Today, it’s already the first full day of school!  The next few weeks will be full of Parent Meetings, Open Houses, PTA & PTA Membership drives, first football games and so many, many awesome activities that impact children positively .

Then throughout the school year there seems to be endless events to plan & attend:

  • Fall festivals
  • Fund raisers 
  • School dances
  • Sporting events of all types
  • Homecoming events
  • Senior Day
  • Awards banquets (academic & sporting)
  • Concerts & Plays
  • Patriotic events
  • Student Council events
  • Teacher Appreciation week events
  • Birthday celebrations, baby showers, retirement parties
  • Winter formals
  • Proms
  • End of year celebrations
  • Graduations…and the list could go on!

That’s where Above the Rest best serves public, private, or religious school event planners.  We relieve them of much planning stress! Plus, when we come decorate, they don’t have to spend time rounding up volunteers to help or doing it themselves at the beginning or end of an event–and we all know that after the event is the hardest time to get helpers!  Planners actually get to spend their time either enjoying the events or on taking care of other event planning details.

We have a wide variety of classic decor packages and designs to make decorating school events a breeze; custom made designs to match specific themes, and white and colored fabric draping to create beautiful backdrops.  I invite you to tell your friends, teachers and other school planners about us by sharing this blog or sending them to our website ( to see how they can make their next school event become filled with color and excitement!  OR call Dianna at (865) 719-8110 today to book our services!  You’ll be glad you did!

Blessings & Hoping for an awesome 2016-17 School Year!