Despicable Me 3 & Wearable Costumes

One joy of being a grandma is getting to occasionally take my granddaughter to the movies.  This time, we went to see “Despicable Me3.” There were enough humorous moments to keep it somewhat entertaining for me.  My granddaughter rated it as a 3 out of 5 (she’s 8 years old) While it wasn’t at the top of our movie hit list, it was quite fun to see the beloved Minions return and take a stand for themselves–which got them into quite a predicament.

Ultimately, I got to enjoy the afternoon with my granddaughter; and the movie made me remember making a Minion costume last year for the Blount Chamber Primetime event.  (Look for us there again this year on August 22) Below is a picture of our Summer Minion posing inside our summer themed photo frame.  Wearable balloons costumes are very popular for attracting attention at trade shows, at school events, in parades, or any place you want to add the unexpected!   Click here to see a very short video of our Summer Minion in action to see what I mean.  People had a lot of fun interacting with the minion.

A fun way to create excitement at your next trade show–a dancing Summer Minion.


Last year, at a Chicago balloon workshop, I had the pleasure of learning how to make wearable costumes from Carolyn Hayman, the creator of Conrad the Unicorn.  A video of Conrad went viral, receiving over 100 million views!  Now that’s quite an impact isn’t it?  This year, I got to return to Chicago for the second year of the workshop and actually got to get inside the Conrad costume and bounce around a bit before he headed off to march in the next day’s parade.

Recently, in Chicago, I got to hang out with the world famous Conrad the Unicorn and his creator, Carolyn Hayman. Great fun!

We love creating costumes and seeing how much people respond to them.  So as you are thinking about an upcoming event where you’d like to make a splash, you might want to think about having a balloon costume made for you!

I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more Minions roaming around the area over the next few months–after all Mel has returned!

What type of costume could we make?  Hmm….a car, an elf, a bear, a shark, dinosaur, alien, ghost, your school mascot, horse, Christmas present, or more–oh my imagination has begun to soar!