Balloons Help Frontier Airlines Take Flight

Today, June 7, 2011, was an exciting day in Knoxville!  Frontier Airlines began flying from here to Denver offering a “low-cost” fare for the flight.  This is a big boost for our area in numerous ways. For me, it was great for two reasons–First, my daughter lives in Denver. So now I can fly  to Denver without driving to Nashville first saving me time and money; and she can fly in directly as well.  YEA!

Second, Above the Rest Balloon & Event Designs was asked to create the balloon decor to start the maiden voyage off in a very positive way!   As passengers arrived to check in, they were greeted with five tall green and white columns which started their early morning check in off with a smile.

Then, when they arrived at the waiting area, they were indeed surprised!  The scene included quite a welcome!  Free food! Frontier Airline officials!  Mayors!  Airport Dignitaries!  Animals from the Knoxville Zoo (because Frontier airline’s tag line is “A Whole Different Animal.”) and, the best part (in my unbiased opinion) –an 8′ balloon airplane flying amongst numerous balloon clouds!

Frontier Airline Takes Flight in Knoxville

The plane was a scale model of a Frontier plane  “flew”

"A Whole Different Animal" for Flying Arrives in Knoxville

from the ceiling amongst a variety of clouds  all designed to provide a grand welcome to Frontier Airlines as they began serving Knoxville.
The tail of the model even included one of the animals that Frontier uses to distinguish their planes from other airlines.  (By the way if you haven’t see their commercials, they are quite funny.)

Welcome to Frontier Airlines

To continue the grand welcome, passengers walked onto the jet bridge through a green and white Frontier arch.  Here you can watch a video clip from WBIR Channel 10 TV of the whole event.  We were quite excited to be part of this exciting event and helping to make it one that was Above the Rest.
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