What Does a Bride, a Bustle and a Balloon Have in Common?

On Sunday, May 30, Rachel and I had an opportunity to be involved with a vey special event.  The wedding of Katie and Zane Deatherage.  This was a very special wedding for numerous reasons. Katie and I have been together for the past 11 years. Our relationship began when she joined the middle school Student Council of which I was advisor. She very quickly became one of our best leaders which meant she and I spent a lot of time together. Even when she went to high school we stayed in touch.

Thanks for the years of service Katie!

When I started Above the Rest, Katie was in college at UT and became one of my crew members.  Again, she showed her strong leadership abilities.  For the past 5 years, she has learned, taught new crew members, led, set numerous events, some even by herself and most of all, I feel like Katie is like a daughter to me.   So you can see why being involved in her wedding was very special.

Initially, we were going to do a giant balloon drop at her reception. However,  the week of the wedding, we learned that it was not really possible to put rig points in the ceiling of the Capitol Theater.  On to Plan B. I told Katie we’d do something else that she wanted.  Katie and her mom asked  if we could put a pair of Balloon Buddies on her candy table and also install a 30′ fabric wall in the lobby of the theater.  Well, of course, we would!

Part of Katie's Entrance Decor

Sunday afternoon Rachel and I designed and set a romantic entrance wall that complimented her red and black colors.   Then we added red lights to wash the wall and ceiling in red.

Outside, we created a set of stancions to give the feel of a Hollywood red carpet event; and as Katie had requested, a pair of bride & groom balloon buddies were placed atop her candy station.

The addition of the decor enhanced the lobby of the theater and also guided people into the seating area.

Katie, her mom, friends and family all had worked very hard in advance to create centerpieces (using our

Welcome Guests!

Welcome Guests!

materials) all handmade programs, table cards, candy wraps, and so much more in order to have a professional look.

After her emotional ceremony, the celebration began, which is where the blog’s title comes into play.  Katie had a stunning gown with a very long train.  The hooks that the seamstress added  on the train did not keep it bustled so it fell every time Katie moved.  Her mom tried pinning it, didn’t work.  So in Mrs G. (me) entered.  I went out to the car, got into my tool box and came to her rescue–ta da!  The power of 260 balloons (that’s the long entertainer balloons) I used a combination of 260’s and cable ties to secure Katie’s bustle up so she could move, and it even looked good.  What a laugh!  How perfect that balloons came to the rescue at Katie’s wedding–only could the employee of a balloon artist be saved by balloons!

So what does a bride, a bustle and a balloon have in common?  Happy memories and moments of laughter!

My dear Katie, I wish you and Zane the very best, know that I love you and that I will miss you dearly as you move to Memphis.  Thanks!

Congratulations Katie & Zane! May God Bless You Always!