Monkeying Around with Balloons

It’s so much fun when a client gives me an invitation to their special event so we can design decor to match. That’s especially true with baby shower invitations. The most recent one we got had the cutest drawings of baby monkeys I’ve seen.

Precious Monkey Invitation--We Can Compliment Yours

Using the invitation as my inspiration, I designed balloon monkeys to match. We created about a dozen. Some we hung from the venue’s ceiling on balloon vines and others were table centerpieces. It was the cutest decor we’ve ever done, in my opinion.

The venue’s ceiling was high enough for us to hang about 15′ of green vines and then attach 5 sweet monkeys to them.

These monkeys were created by using special entertainer balloons, then twisted together to form their bodies. Features were then added along with a curl of hair and a balloon flower.

Creating balloon designs to match invitations is a great way to pull your event together in a fun way. So if you happen to be planning a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday or any other type of event in which you have an invitation, feel free to ask us to match it. Most of the time we can come quite close, and if we can’t we can at least match the color scheme.

Hanging around for the Shower

You’ll have to imagine the whole ceiling covered as the camera couldn’t get the full view. Weren’t they fun?