Doggone Fun Birthday Paw-ty Balloons

I am blessed with awesome clients.  Often, I get triple blessed.  How?  

First, they are kind.

Second, many are creative with a desire to make a fun atmosphere.

Third, occasionally, they end up being some of my favorite students from back when I was taught school.

Recently, I got a triple blessing when I was asked to create for a 4-year old’s birthday party.

Mom, the Planner…

happened to be one of my old 6th grade students.  It is very hard to believe my “kids” are all grown up and have children! Especially when they have 3 kids, with the eldest being 6 years old.

I remember my client being a joyful, creative student, and so she remains.

When her daughter requested a puppy for her birthday, mom decided to have a “Paw-ty”–A dog themed
4th birthday party organic balloons in pink party.

Now, while she loves planning and hosting parties, she also happened to have a newborn baby, and her hubby was out of town for an extended work assignment. Mom needed relief and wanted an Above the Rest Party.  Thus, she called us.  That’s our specialty– providing relief and creativity.

Planning the Paw-ty…

began with her calling to tell me about her upcoming party theme.  She told me that she had purchased a vinyl photo background and wanted an arch around it.

It’s important when a client makes a request that I learn more info–size of the background; how tall is the ceiling; how big is the space where it’s going; what’s happening in the area, what is their goal for the event, budget–and several other questions related to the event.

Above the Rest balloons dog theme birthday party in pinksI often wonder if clients think I’m prying, when I’m really trying to learn the most about their event in order to create perfect decor for them.

Anyway, she described the precious backdrop and also told me she wanted one of the “bubbly” kind of arches.  In the balloon industry we call them an Organic style.  She wanted an emphasis of pinks and an accent of black and white.  I suggested that puppy paw imprinted balloons be part of the design.  She didn’t know they existed–(I love that we stay very up-to-date on balloon colors, styles and trends–another story)

Beyond the Backdrop

She also wanted some type of design with the number “4” in it.  Because we’ve decorated for her previously, she said, “Just do what you want, I trust you.”  Ooooh…that always scares me when a client says that, though I appreciate their confidence. That’s when I’m really grateful to have so much education and experience behind me–it lets me come up with designs for my clients’ themes much easier. Such was the case here.

Extra Touches

Additionally, mom wanted some type of decoration at the entrance to her home to welcome guests.

She described her foyer to me, which pink, white, black, puppy paw imprinted balloons from Above the Rest Balloonsincluded the  perfect location, the staircase railing.  It pays to listen to my clients.

We chose to carry the dog Paw-ty birthday theme and organic design throughout the home, creating a unified look.  She didn’t know it until we installed the organic balloon garland that we also added in some extras,  “walking” puppies.  These were helium-filled foil balloon pets that had a leash.  So cute.  When removed from the railing, the balloons became give aways to the delight of party goers.  I love getting to add in extra touches.

Mom’s Touches

This awesome mom added many of her own touches like puppy themed plates, desserts with puppy themes, and best of all she added in a real live precious puppy!

Together we created the perfect Paw-ty, indeed.

Plus, it great catching up with her, visiting her beautiful home, meeting her precious daughters, and seeing my “young student” in the face of her daughter.

Grateful for this Triple Blessing event!

In case you didn’t know,  

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