It’s Not Just Balloons

Four and a half years!  That’s a long time to wait.  A long time to anticipate.

It took 4-1/2 years to bring about the smile you see here. 

That smile, for the moment, was brought about when Stephanie first saw the balloons.  However, I can’t take full credit for that gorgeous, deep-felt smile.  

The real joy behind that smile is that after waiting for 4 -1/2 years, working with lawyers and going back and forth with the U.S. government, she FINALLY had the best news ever–that her husband, Jesus’, had received official word that he was allowed to come to the United States to live!

“What?!” you say.  The short of a very long story is that Jesus’ is from Venezuela. He and Stephanie met outside the U.S. and eventually were married, but that didn’t give him passage to the U.S.  So after 4 1/2 years of patiently (and not-so-patiently waiting), the day of Jesus’s arrival was almost here when I took her the balloons so she could give them to him.  Jesus’ has never been in the U.S., so red, white, and blue balloons, a foil heart-shaped balloon atop and a greeting of love created the perfect design for her to greet Jesus’ upon his arrival at the Knoxville Airport. pastedGraphic_1.png

Imagine, stepping off a plane onto U.S. soil for the first time, getting to finally be with your wife, moving to a new country, and also getting a gift of bright, colorful American themed balloons!  Such joy!  What a thrill is it for me to have been a tiny part of this celebration! Just look at those smiles!

Indeed, It’s Not Just Balloons! It’s so Much More!

So many times over the past 16 years we have been honored to be part of countless special occasions. I’ve come to realize that what we create is Not Just Balloons!  It’s so much more!

It’s letting a wife share her love with her husband on his birthday (or to welcome him to the U.S.)

It’s helping an out-of-state grandma send a giant birthday balloon design that brings exclamations of joy to her granddaughter.

It’s seeing a whole senior class grin from ear to ear as their school drive is lined with Spirit Ball balloons in honor of them.

It’s helping friends & neighbors celebrate the end of a friend’s chemo treatment.

It’s watching WWII Veterans sit inside a 60′ balloon airplane to be honored for their long ago service.

It’s creating a Mickey Mouse design in special remembrance of a grandchild who suddenly passed.

It’s the joy of seeing hundreds of senior citizens hug their Balloon Buddy sent to them with love after they’ve been in isolation for 11 months.

It’s celebrating the behind-the-scenes efforts of someone who’s boldly opening a new business & attracting attention to the business.  Their grand opening!

It’s the laughter we’ve heard when a husband completely surprised his wife on her 40th, letting her know she is completely loved.

It’s giving comfort to a mom who is full of grief when her son was killed in an accident.

It’s cheering on a favorite sports team or welcoming college students back to campus.

It’s welcoming the preciousness of a new baby and celebrating with the family.

It’s hearing giggles as kids pop their Elf Delivery Globe to set their elf free. (The videos parents send are priceless.)

It’s the celebratory screams of joy from college graduates as 1,500 balloons drop from overhead in their honor.

It’s encouraging and celebrating employees.

It’s saying “Thank You” for giving 40 years of your life and dedication to our company at a retirement.

It’s always, always seeing wide grins when a birthday design is delivered.

It’s creating prom memories, back to school memories, uplifting galas and fundraisers…..and endless list of many more memories which is why…

What we do is Not Just Balloons, it’s love, joy, smiles, celebration, honor, memories, laughter, comfort, giggles, service.  It’s even “just because,” but that’s another blog.

Getting to help Stephanie celebrate reuniting with her husband and welcoming him to his new home made me again see that indeed,

              It’s Not Just Balloons!  
                        It’s So Much More! 

 What we do is provide gifts from the heart. 

It’s and honor, joy, and blessing when you ask us to be part of your life!

Thank you for letting us make your events Above the Rest!  We love serving you!