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Doggone Fun Birthday Paw-ty Balloons

Above the Rest balloons dog theme birthday party in pinks

I am blessed with awesome clients.  Often, I get triple blessed.  How?   First, they are kind. Second, many are creative with a desire to make a fun atmosphere. Third, occasionally, they end up being some of my favorite students from back when I was taught school. Recently, I got a triple blessing when I […]

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4 Lessons on How Water Damage Improved my Balloon Business

On June 6, 2020, my husband and I arrived home at midnight after the most relaxing, inexpensive vacation we’ve ever had–to a water leak.  So much for an inexpensive vacation. A tiny hole in our refrigerator water line was spraying water, apparently all week, which meant water puddled up, under, and around the entire kitchen […]

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Creating the Perfect Paw-ty!

Hi all, I believe that all events we decorate are important and special events to the planner, the guests, and us.  There are some events, though, that have that extra special feel for me as the decorator.  One of those events happened this past Saturday.  We got to decorate the Perfect Paw-ty for a 4-year […]

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Despicable Me 3 & Wearable Costumes

One joy of being a grandma is getting to occasionally take my granddaughter to the movies.  This time, we went to see “Despicable Me3.” There were enough humorous moments to keep it somewhat entertaining for me.  My granddaughter rated it as a 3 out of 5 (she’s 8 years old) While it wasn’t at the […]

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Balloon Releases and Important Information You Need to Know

You’ve seen balloon releases I’m sure.  They fly the sky with beautiful masses of color as they gracefully float up in the atmosphere. People of all ages have loved watching balloon releases, of course.  They have  help us celebrate moments of much joy and excitement like the beginning of football or baseball season, grand openings, weddings and many […]

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Back to School Excitement

Going back in my memory from my teaching days in Knoxville, I know that Monday, August 8, was a day filled with excitement and stress for parents, children, bus drivers, principals, and yes, teachers!  I remember the excitement of that first “Back to School” day–getting to meet the smiling new faces and introducing myself to the children […]

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What? Organic Balloons?

Organic style balloon bracelets to adorn columns at a birthday party Psst…Here’s a Secret! Latex balloons are Organic! Now the secret is out! Well, to me it’s not really a secret. I’ve known for 10 years that the balloons I use in my company are a 100% naturally organic substance created from rubber trees. I […]

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How Do You Get 40,000 balloons inflated?

How Do You Get 40,000 balloons inflated? You get 40 balloon professionals from around the U.S. to gather together to work!  This week, I’m in Chicago working as part of a 40-person team to create Chicago’s largest, joyful, and most fun-filled balloon entry for this week’s Chicago Pride Parade, which happens to be their largest […]

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Tis the Season to Celebrate

One area tradition that kicks off the Christmas season, is held at Pinnacle Shopping Center in Turkey Creek. This special event kicks off the Mission of Hope’s (MOH) “blue barrel” drive in which citizens drop off toys that volunteers deliver to children who live in the poverty stricken areas of Appalachia. They furnish toys, clothing, […]

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Celebrating 75 Years with March of Dimes

Recently, Above the Rest had the pleasure of decorating for the March of Dimes Signature fundraising event, the Chef’s Auction, which was held at the Knoxville Convention Center and helped them celebrate 75 years of improving the lives of babies and mommies.  To greet guests, we combined deep purple and fuchsia fabric draping with sparkling […]

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